“Adventure before dementia.

 Brent Ruru


Kia Ora.

I am a Kiwi of Ngāi Tahu descent, from New Zealand.

With my wife, we co-founded ‘Outaskool’ delivering primary aged child care to 700+ kids.


A heap of time spent playing with children.  They also taught me how to draw again.



It was when we walked 360+km from Istanbul to Gallipoli in Turkey that started an intentional shift to downsize possessions, footprint and consumption to take up smarter habits to live a more simplistic lifestyle.

Living with less has provided us with more freedom to pursue more of what matters most, with more meaning and more substance.  Minimalism has transformed our lives significantly.


Sometimes we just need to be reminded to pursue more of what matters most in order to have greater successes at having, being or doing or even perhaps more meaningful happiness.  Minimalism, or living with less can lead to all of these.

We acknowledge that minimalism isn’t for everyone and each one to their own.  However, a lot of time is wasted in dusting when life is short.  Just reduce one item off a shelf that collects the powdery film and we are confident that you will grin about it, even feel better.  Imagine if you removed five further items where you didn’t have to dust.  You have incrementally gained more time by doing less – the compound effect at its best.  But more importantly, what would you do with the new found time?

Socrates once quoted, “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

I am just an ordinary person who has done a lot of stuff over the last couple of years because of minimalism.

I am the author of ‘Re-Kindle You’ and co-writer behind ‘The Rurus – Adventure Before Dementia’.


In my extra free time I illustrate, mountain bike, volunteer, travel, blog, speak, mentor and still play board games with my young adult kids.

Kia Ora.