We only die once!

Kia ora – hi there; haere mai – welcome,

We only die once!

It’s the absolute one outcome that me writing this, and you reading this, have in common.

Surely, you would then consider it relevant to therefore focus on living a life that had more  enriched purpose, substance and meaning?

Using your time smarter so as to have greater happiness or fulfillment or better peace of mind when reflecting back on life, between this breath – the one you’ve just inhaled/exhaled … and before your last?

I do.

Here are my goals for 2020:

  • Trek the Old Ghost Road trail on the West Coast of the South Island
  • Complete a Project Management qualification
  • Draft a second book to distribute to a publisher
  • Develop an on-line youth mentoring programme concept to reality
  • Play more board and card games with our kids and mates
  • Volunteer taking visually impaired folk for tandem bicycle rides
  • Illustrate a daily illustration
  • Do some adventure travel out on the conveyor belt of the planet.

My talents to fund my goals:

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My top 8 ways to have more time to contribute to the relevance:

  1. Decide what’s important and do it first every day
  2. Don’t let other people schedule my life
  3. Pay close attention to what makes me happy
  4. Stop watching TV; reduce screen time on social media; don’t engage with sensationalized news
  5. Schedule my breaks and enjoy them
  6. T.I.M.E. habits
  7. Get out in nature
  8. Before I go to bed, decide on tomorrow’s most important action.

The 5 things I’m quitting:

  1. Overthinking
  2. Fearing change
  3. Trying to please everyone
  4. Living in the past
  5. Materialism

The above will make for a better story to tell at the time of my eulogy.

That is something I’m very much experienced about.  As a celebrant, I’ve captured, woven and shared a heap of them when officiating a loved one’s life story (funerals).

Now it’s up to me to get on with it.

Whilst my body still can and I still have my marbles … before I become permanently still!

Life can be, that simple.

How are you going to be living your life this year?


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