Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand 2016-2017

“Why don’t you walk your own country first?” was the question posed over a conversation with some fellow adventurers.  And so we did!  Half of it anyway.  Straight after the tandem cycle ride across Canada!

The touching of the light house at the furthest northern tip of New Zealand signalled the start of taking the first steps towards the bottom.  Within the first two kilometres, the personal locator beacon was nearly needing to be set off due to not wanting to be washed out into the Tasman Sea!

We humped it south one foot in front of the other (with the odd hitch hike and canoe paddle) to touch the monument that marked we had reached the bottom of the North Island.  It took us 2.5 months to cover the 1,600 kms and it would be fair to add, we were absolutely buggered.

The awe of our beautiful country with its precious citizenships and cultural identity strengthened the ‘aroha’ for Aotearoa.  Postponing the South Island was easy so as to rejuvenate.  The minds are already walking the Mainland … all we have to do is get the bodies there.

With our personal locator beacon of course!

Below are the daily illustrations that were drawn to capture our Te Araroa Trail adventure.