“Kia Ora” and “Haere Mai”.

When translated, they mean “Greetings” and “Welcome”.

Welcome to my blog.

I must confess that it has been tough to know what to start writing about for a first blog post!  Made more challenging with having an accountability person to keep me accountable for the actions I agreed to commit to a couple of weeks back … “1st blog post by 2/12/13”, amongst a couple of others.

Although we didn’t connect today for the planned ‘face to face’ catch up with good reason (I will share the reason in a future posting); I believe as long as the clock is ticking this side of mid-night on the 2/12/13, that I still can complete the task at hand!

I also believe that whatever I present on the blog must be inspiring for you the reader so as to ensure you gain something from the blog experience.  The essence, endeavouring to help you think outside your box to achieve ticking better boxes, before you end up in ‘the’ box.

What’s my expertise?  I’d like to share our back story that featured in the online EPICMENTORS e-MAGAZINE, November 2013.

Click to read:http://issuu.com/epicmentors/docs/issue_31?e=3328716%2F579

I’m confident that as you read, you will gain insights into what is on offer from brentruru.com.

Embracing AccountabilityWe all need someone to keep us accountable for the actions we say we are going tick off, whether it is to become a better you, to gain better have’s or, do better do’s.

Do YOU have a personal accountability person?  If not, why not?

There you have it, short and to the point.  This blog journey has now taken its first step.


  1. Awesome post. Reading while watching your AP sleeping and our AP…. just realised that continuing that sentence may spoil a future blog! I’m sure you can read my heart and mind! 🙂

  2. Keep it up Brent. You’ve a lot of great stories and experience that people will benefit from hearing. My accountable action is to find out how to subscribe to this blog…

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