We need to get our life design into a position whereby impromptu living experience opportunities are able to be taken when they present themselves.

Being asked to assist in crewing a 38 foot yacht last Thursday, leaving Picton (Marlborough Sounds) to sail up and around Farewell Spit; down the West Coast of the South Island to Fiordland; around the bottom and out to Stewart Island before heading up the east coast of the Mainland toward Christchurch is one of those such opportunities referred to above.

This morning I leave on a shuttle bus destined toward something I have never done before and although nervous about not having feet on terra-firma – am confident that the three week experience will make me a better person to appreciate the life style we have.

No flash house; no flash car; no flash title in a flash job; no flash clothes or going to flash restaurants or flash beaches … just a life that flashes by collecting stuff with more purpose, substance and meaning.

Am off to purchase a rubber duck inflatable for that ‘just in case’ scenario of “man overboard.”

That would not be flash!

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