A New Back Yard Beckons

Paragraph 6 - Beach Marshmellows with fellow campers

Where our friends and family thought we had lost the plot, we saw the beauty of a backyard that was beside a beach. A walk, run, swim or roasting marshmallows over fire coals of pine cones collected close by. A back yard with an attached playground where one can ride horses, walk, run, or mountain bike. A back yard with a reserve where animal noise is a natural wake-up call at some ungodly hour to remind us to get up to watch sun rises over the horizon to the east. A back yard that attracts city folk and other fellow travelers and allow for stories to be shared or the laughter of children at play to be echoed across the acreage. A back yard where stars shine bright across the night sky because of the absence of street noise. A back yard that was more affordable versus the over-priced Christchurch rental and property markets.

Paragraph 1 - Caravan1

We believe that we hadn’t lost the plot at all. Our plot of living in a caravan permanently felt like we were enjoying the atmosphere of camping out every single day.

However, a new back yard beckoned.  Last weekend we migrated back into suburbia and with that, it brought an end to us living in our caravan.

Paragraph 8 - Sunrise at Gore Bay

Keeping the second bedroom (our campervan) will allow us to continue to explore and feel the emotion of waking up to another sunrise somewhere else on the island in the meantime – whether over the sea or reflective on some mountain side.

Life in the caravan had moments of adventure within the venture that built resilience and character. This was naturally balanced with moments of fun and folly.

Paragraph 9 - SnowParagraph 9 - Flood

Our focus is certainly to protect the habit discovered – minimalism. Where less is more so as to live the T.I.M.E. habits with gusto on experiences that matter most. It is all part of us staying true to our passion to get back out on the planet and roam a heap more.

Where there are many more back yards beckoning.

Anyone interested in buying a caravan?

And please do not be surprised if when visiting our new abode to be sitting on a camp chair … eating from a picnic table … or if staying … sleeping on a blow up air bed!

Some adjustments take time :0)

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