Which one did you chose – comfort zone or discomfort zone?

BRPost20(2)I got back on my bike and focused where I would exit the water on the other side … and then pushed off.

It was certainly deeper (and more frigid) than it looked with ankles disappearing beneath the swirl.  Using as much leg strength as I could muster, the soft track floor slowed up the momentum and it happened, the bike came to an abrupt halt!

I had under estimated any subsidence and the front wheel dug deep into a hole.  Quickly unclipping the bike shoes to swing a leg over, I knew I would be up to my knees in it!  And I was, but still upright vertical versus horizontal – that would have been disastrous.

BRPost20(3)As I stood there in the middle of rings rippling outwards, I grinned and smiled shaking my head and thought, this IS what life is all about.  Seeing your reflection doing something discomforting!  Then I wondered if there would be eels living in the swamp and quickly trudged forward to eventually exit the water’s edge on the new side.

Feet, socks and legs with bits clinging to hair were saturated (and thank goodness not crawling) and the bike was dripping with hanging weed as I looked back to see where I had come from.   Most of all, it was as good as I had imagined and certainly fun.

To have turned around, gone back, resume the ride with the treadmill flow – was the choice to be less than we have the capacity to be.

BRPost20(4)The choice to take the plunge, go forward, get onto the conveyor belt and grow – is to become all that we can possibly be.

One choice is a life of mediocre; one choice is a life of abundance.

Both have relevance.


Life is plentiful with having to make such choices to either stay in the comfort zone or get in the discomfort zone.

To do or not to do.  To be or not to be. To be all or to be less.

All of us have the choice.


  1. Definitely discomfort. Though looking at the depth of that water I’d be concerned about what was living in there…! Have you seen Empire Strikes Back…?

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