Where do you go to gain some ‘me time’ away from the tread mill of day to day existence?  To the gym?  To the pub?  To a sporting event?  To the couch infront of the television?  To the app or facebook?  To a book or magazine?  To a friend’s place?

BRPost19(1) 090614 Handbrake or AcceleratorLiving at Spencer Holiday Beach Park has an advantage of having at our doorstep Bottle Lake Forest.  It has acres of pine trees covering undulating ground and borders the beach and sea.  It’s a contrasting mecca for mountain bike enthusiast’s, walkers/runners, pet lovers, horse riders and the like.


I try to blat around the 20km or so mountain bike circuit at least twice a week because it has the openness to think out aloud.  Even though I know where I’m going, it’s just a fantastic place to get lost in thoughts of ‘me time’.  The work out on the body is a bonus!

Mtb Track Water1Taking a ride on part of the track that was blocked off to the public came with excitement.  Undergrowth swished at my legs and negotiating the odd rough bit of terrain got the heart pumping when trying to keep balance.  Coming over a brow to plunge down a slight rise had me squealing the disc brakes – holy crap, I nearly came off and into a lake of water!


Mtb Track Water2It was discoloured but I  imagined because of rotting foliage versus the decomposition from Christchurch’s deconstruction.  Bottle Lake is also the graveyard to where buildings are laid to rest because of the quakes a couple of years ago.  I could see the track on the other side, it looked easy enough if I kept true alignment and surely if anything, my shoes might skim the waters height.

What would you have done?

Mtb Track Water3

Played it safe within your comfort zone and retraced back to the turn off to resume the same way as all the other traffic to go with the flow?  Or, taken the risk into your discomfort zone and entered into the water to forge your own path?

Comfort zone or Discomfort Zone?


Take some ‘you time’ to reflect on what you would have done.

I’ll be back soon with part 2.

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