Dad – Daughter Play/Relax Weekend (16/5/15)

Just hanging out with daughter Little Claire …

H3Hanmer Springs is 1.5 hours north of Christchurch – a place to play and relax … and a lovely spot to spend time with daughter Claire doing it.



H5Play – walk up to the Connical Hill walking track summit.





H6Relax/Play – an adventure playground to chill out at.





H8Relax – photo from the top.





H11Relaxed …





H15Play – straight down off the beaten track.





H20Play – LClaire losing at mini golf …

Relax – after the ball sconed me in the head taking this play shot.




H23Play – LClaire taking a hoon in a jet boat.

Relax – someone had to take the pic … this is a must walk up to and sit spot.




H30Play – quad biking.

Relax – as long as LClaire was in front, crashing was minimized.

Play – LClaire not expecting me to motor passed in the riverbed to soak her was maximized.



H34Relax – 7 kms up the river for a biscuit and water.





H33Relax – hair net to protect me from getting nits.





H37Play – LClaire trying to make up the camper van bed.





H40Play – LClaire being given the opportunity to drive the second bedroom (stop rescuing versus start resourcing attitude approach).




H41Relax – not, but life is an adventure when you let go of the controls.





H43Play – Frog Rock climb (Weka Pass).





H44Relax – I didn’t jump!




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