Two Bright Sparks with Rubbish Bag for Brains

???????????????????????????????Taking a couple of days off the treadmill to venture back out onto the conveyor belt – destination Karamea.  Back in the direction of the West Coast, it was an hour up the road when a discussion erupted as to who didn’t pack ANY wet weather gear!  It was a case of blame and no compromise – even though I work in the area of resolution, it was hopeless.  Over the phone is much easier than in person!

Outcome, we reverted to our days of when we owned a childcare business, when we used to keep the little ones from paint and glue during an art activity.   We purchased rubbish bags, cutting out the arms and head.  If anyone saw two twits walking around in Reefton Rubbish bags – it’s was us!

We understand if you didn’t say hello.


The second bedroom was parked up in Reefton for the night. Reefton is famous for being the first place in the Southern Hemisphere to generate and reticulate its own electricity for public use in 1888.

Quite ironic given us two light bulbs didn’t have the spark to remember the rain coats!

A quaint little town with mining history, some of the buildings have stood since the late 1800’s. It’s worth a stop, wander, cuppa and read … the bookshop has bargain books at 50cents each.


A cloudless night made for lights out early, the solar system shone bright, who needed electricity?

And it wasn’t me who forgot the rain gear.

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