It was a long weekend in Chch and as the hordes of Saturday & Sunday campers headed our way, we headed there’s and took off to Hanmer Springs – a micro adventure spot just a couple of hours north.

HS1 - Charles UphamAmberley houses a bronze statue of Charles Upham – he won not only one, but two Victoria Crosses for bravery during WW2 – an inspiration to both old and young.

HS6 - View from Connical HillConnical Hill walk gives you spectacular views of the valley with pastures green and Alpine heights. The meander through the tall forest up with bird song drowns out the chat of meaningless gossip.

HS12 - Mtb up JacksHS14 - Where we summit Jacks PassHS16 - BC still climbingHS24 - Heading towards MolesworthBut the real huff and puff is always left for the mountain bike ride – up Jacks Pass, north on the Clarence Valley floor and then down Jollies Pass. Legs are tested climbing and hands tested keeping fingers on brakes ascending as the steepness of down is adrenalin focus not to go over the side.

HS28To sit and soak in the thermal pools relieves pain spots braved – a ride worthy of crossing off your list and take solace, the victory is worth it.

Upham and over – wasn’t just bronze, it was golden

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