Christmas is associated with the big fat red fella, ham and pudding, an angel on top of a tree, tinsel and blinking lights, eftpos activity beyond the norm and ‘come they told me parumpapumbum.’

It’s generally a time for the coming together of families to celebrate and perhaps the giving of pressies (or not!).

It may be that time of the year where you ‘take the time’ to reflect on the year that has passed – the fun and happy times, the not so fun and happy times.

And then, it may be the time of year to remember family and friends dear to us from afar, where ever they are on the planet as well.

I certainly do.

It unfortunately also stirs up emotions as to how well I didn’t actually do at staying in touch with people I should have and dare I write, is rather bad on my behalf given the technology today making it more easier and accessible to do.


Jim Rohn said it nicely, “There are two words in the English language that could start a whole new relationship – I’m sorry.”

Using his words of wisdom – to those I’ve taken for granted and allowed the character of our friendship to drift apart, “I’m sorry.”

Given Christmas is the time for giving – the best present one could possibly hope to receive is finding it in their hearts to ‘for-give’ so as to be for-given.

Perhaps a new slant for us all to reflect on this Christmas time – the art of for-giving.

I look forward to re-connecting in the new year.

Merry Christmas to one and all where ever you are on the planet, our thoughts, aroha and cheer to one and all.

Merry Christmas 2013


  1. This blog post has been edited from an original post due to the narration content being inappropriate whereby I was personally belittling the character of friends residing overseas. I have communicated my sincere apologies for such and now repeat it here on my blog.

    I am sincerely sorry.

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