Last week I introduced the 3-3-5-3 formula concept to make 2014 the best year ever (Resolution or Evolution).  Following on from that:

“Please stand up.”

“Please remain standing if you have personal goals.”

“Please remain standing if your personal goals are written down on paper – either hand written or in printed format.”

“Please remain standing if you have your personal goals written down and you are carrying them on your person.”

Goals Setting 101Everyone always remains standing after the first statement, however, in all the speaking occasions where I have used the above questioning technique as my opening, the total number of all the audience attendees still standing after the last statement can be counted on one hand.

At which part of the above did you truly have to sit down?

The adage of writing your goals down to shape our dreams rings true to having a higher success rate of achieving them than not.

Carrying them around in your wallet or hand-bag serves three value added purposes:

  1. It keeps the end destination at the forefront of mind to strive to reach.
  2. It prompts focus on completing exacting daily actions needed to perform to achieve them.
  3. It curbs spending disposable money on non-important stuff, “Does spending this money take me closer toward my goal or take me further away from my goal?”

Goals also provide long-term vision in our lives and help us get past short-term obstacles.  We dream for the future and live in the present therefore, the more focused our goals (because they are inspiring and believable) the more we will be able to act on them in the short-term so as they will act-ually be realized.

So, let’s take a closer look at the key aspects of goal-setting to have you ticking off the boxes that matter better or if anything, be able to remain standing should you be asked if you have your goals written down and are carrying them on your person.


We have to first ask ourselves – is my level of satisfaction for where I are in life okay?  This is a great baseline from which to work because it allows you to reflect on your accomplishments so as to build on a vision you have for your life.  Take some time and think through and write down your current situation, than ask that ‘okay’ question.

Listen quietly to your heart so as you reflect on what is inside your box.

Start With The End In Mind

Start With The End In Mind - DreamBorn out of YOUR own heart and mind, make a list of all the things you desire for the future.  Dream of a better situation for your family; a better financial position; a better emotional or physical or even spiritual life.  What would your life design blueprint include?  What makes you happy?

This isn’t what you already have or what you have done, but what you want.

Listen quietly to your heart so as you dream outside your box.

Next week, we will mould your dreams into a plan. Till then, keep dreaming and adding to the list.

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