Ki”WE” Conversations – Allan Gilmour

Our FB friend–Allan Gilmour

KC13-6 Allan Gilmour

Allan and I were first introduced to each other way back in the early 1990’s.  The company I worked for (New Zealand Post) purchased his company (Speed Link) and because of that, Speed Link was gobbled up.  Allan was an Account Manager in Sales. I held a Sales Support position to help Allan look exceptional!

When an opportunity presented itself for me to be promoted into a fellow Sales position, Allan returned the support.  He mentored me to become a better Account Manager, pushing me to believe in myself.  Allan’s continued ‘kick up the bum/pat on the back’ approach was instrumental in me securing a role to represent NZ Post (who was a major sponsor) and work in the Olympic Village at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in Spain.  A five week jaunt that had me rubbing shoulders with David Tua and Russell Coutts as amateurs.

We have remained friends since the 1900’s and taken the piss out of each other the whole time.  It was the umbilical cord to our friendship.

Allan’s decision to up root and migrate to Australia three years ago also highlighted that there was life in the old bugger still and that age is no barrier to start something new.  His balding features haven’t changed much, except for a tanned scalp because of his entrenchment in the Auzzie way of life.

KC13-3 - View of Brisbane from Mt Cootha SummitKC13-4 Kookaburra

Allan taking the time to tiki-tour me up to the Mount Cootha Summit look out to view Brisbane as far as the eye could see was reflective of his hospitality nature.  Allan’s sales pitch to have us venture onto the Aboriginal continent to live was also tempting to say the least – even if it’s for the warmer climate.  Perhaps we might after some further venturing to visit others on the face book list.

BClaire summed up this face book visit nicely – a good bugger happy as a sand cat.

For me, might be a silly old coot at times … but for most parts, just an exceptional good bastard.

KC13-1 Mount Cootha

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