Ki”WE” Conversations – Anna Windleburn Northwood

Our FB friend – Anna Windleburn Northwood

KC11-2 Anna

Anna’s Mum read about us when we featured in the newspaper during 2007.  We were cycling the length of New Zealand to raise money for Child Cancer as a family and were passing through our growing up home town Kaiapoi.  A friend request popped up on face book to add Anna as a friend with the words, “I have found you!”

There had been eight or so years of friendship absence between BClaire and Anna.  The last time that they had spoken, BClaire was married to someone else.  And much to Anna’s surprise, the new husband BClaire was married too was someone she had had the hot’s for 33 years before when she was just a tweeny!

Anna and family live in Australia and it was only a matter of time before a trip across the ditch meant a face to face catch up since hitting the friend request accept button.  Watching and listening to them exchange frenzied conversations about old boyfriends and parties was hilarious – they each tried to tell tales on each other as to who was to blame to justify their antics. Getting hidden in a pub chiller at the Yaldhurst pub during a police raid because they were under-age drinking has been a common conversation since; made more entertaining because Anna’s father was a Policeman!

Our recent trip to Australia and catch up echoed the same conversations.  More telling of tales; more blame and justification; more banter and laughter. This is a brilliant example where face book has reconnected a friendship of the past so as to continue the friendship into the future.

Anna reminding me that there was a water tower behind the old Kaiapoi swimming pool where we once held hands all those 33 years ago … it was Anna’s doing Mr Windleburn!

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