Ki”WE” Conversations – Jennifer & Emma

Our FB friends – Jennifer & Emma


One is from Scotland and the other is from Ireland.  They have migrated and reside in our peaceful treaty country, New Zealand.  Both are into the outdoors making our back yard a great play yard for them both.

Earlier this year, Jennifer and Emma joined the Toastmasters Club we attend.  It’s always refreshing to see people try something new to better themselves.  It inspires us to follow their enthusiasm to learn, given we are two generations their senior!

Did you know Brave Heart actor Mel Gibson is Australian?

The visit to their abode was in unison with other fellow Toastmaster’s, a social gathering for nibbles and drinks.  Toastmasters love to talk.  Any conversation will always have a structural opening, body and close.  They will make eye contact, use hand gestures, and project their voice with pitch.  Get Toastmaster’s talking over one another, add in a Scottish and Irish accent and it was banter chaos on steroids.  No structure whatsoever!

But because ours is a relatively new friendship, we can only reflect on speeches they have given at our Toastmasters Club.  Emma was beaten by a group of Grannies at a rowing regatta and Jenn has smelly socks when she tramps!  More importantly, it’s how they speak trying to speak the good Queen’s English that always has us engaged … pigeon New Zealand dialect at its funniest.

KC3-1As the party goers departed, we stayed on with Jenn and Emma to share in a home-made chocolate cream liqueur (40% proof fire water) donated by another fellow Toastmaster’s partner. The ensuing ukulele/guitar sing-a-long cemented the treaty between both parties, for future parties to come.

Enjoy your stay and play in Aotearoa girls.


And we believe we would be able to give you a run for your pound playing in our own back yard … being a couple of generations your senior and all!

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