Ki”WE” Conversations – Karen Vis

Our FB friend – Karen Vis

KC17-1Blenheim is the a place on South Island’s landscape where there is no sour grapes!  How can there be?  The Marlborough Wine Trail maps out forty two wineries.  The real dilemma is not in choosing which ones to visit neither.  It’s the discussion as to who should be the sober driver so as to keep within New Zealand’s drink driving law and not to become a state statistic.  That would be sour grapes!

It was also an opportunity to visit another Face Book friend – Karen Vis.  And just like a couple of grapes themselves, BClaire and Karen’s friendship originated and has matured from the Kaiapoi Rugby playing days over many a bottle corked and consumed.  Except this visit was coffee and cake – again  that sober driver debate repeating itself!

Seeing photo’s of their children all grown up makes them unrecognisable since having seen them in the flesh over ten years ago.  Karen still looked like the Chardonnay she did from then too … or more like a Sauvignon Blanc.  Certainly not brave enough to describe her as an old red, that’s for sure!

KC17-3The district is abundant with green crops and is silhouetted by the mighty Marlborough Sounds; a marine playground and ecological haven covering one-fifth of New Zealand’s coastline.  Home to secluded bays, historic sites, walking and cycling trails, marine reserves, island sanctuaries and native bush.

KC17-4Our attraction with Blenheim is historical – Forrest Grape Road Ride; Queen Charlotte Track by mountain bike; Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon; and sea kayaking.

Everything that requires thirst replenishment to do with the natural juices of a grape.

No hiccups though with this one visiting Karen!

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