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Our FB friend – Mandy Walsh

KC9 Mandy

It wasn’t long after we met Mandy that she joined our Mumzonbumz network group.  We took Mum’s and Nana’s out on bikes who hadn’t ridden before, or for a long time.  It became a time out for them having some ‘me’ time around like minded Mum’s and the bumz bit was the pre-cursor to all the gas bagging gossip that followed a ride over a cuppa and muffin.  Mandy became an integral part of the network.

Introducing a Thursday evening ride was we believe led by Mandy.  The cuppa and muffin was replaced with wine and became known as ‘Thirsty Thursdays’.  More rehydration was taken on these rides than any other Mumzonbumz session and any common sense chatter was more waffle.

Mandy has a pet name “Wifey” bestowed upon her by BClaire.  It eventuated from a camping holiday with Mandy at Keiteriteri to deter any possibility of romance from potential white speedo wearing blokes strutting their wears around camp.  BClaire’s pet name was “Franny” – don’t ask!

During our living in Dubai, BClaire decided to return home to New Zealand for a visit and surprise Mandy and another good friend Sue.  However, at the same time as BClaire was scheming, both Mandy and Sue were scheming themselves from down under.  They had decided to visit BClaire in Dubai for her birthday as a surprise.  And I was caught in the middle having to tell mis-truths from /to either direction given both travel was within two weeks of each other!

Fortunately, both surprises came off; mis-truths abated; and although Mumonbumz was dissolved many thirsty Thursday’s ago, the pet names “Wifey” and “Franny” have still been bantered in the many conversations since.

And of course, the waffle.

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