Ki”WE” Conversations – Sharon Meredith & Mark Hogan

Our FB friends – Sharon Meredith and Mark Hogan

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Our recent trip across to Australia had purpose, substance and meaning.

Its purpose was to attend the wedding between Sharon and Mark.

It had substance with playing the ukulele and singing the tune of ‘ten guitars’ as they cut their wedding cake.

It had meaning because we take responsibility for leaving them on a dance floor together in Dubai, doing what would be characterised as washing machine dancing under the influence of alcohol – to be present and witness them taking their first dance as Mr and Mrs.

Sharon is our step-sister on BClaire’s side of the family who lived in Australia.  Mark who is English was a mate we befriended during our residency in Dubai.  When Sharon visited us and Mark joined us in socializing with her – our purpose, substance and meaning was to protect her from marrying a POME and him becoming family!  Our plan worked up till it was time for Sharon to return to Australia.

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As luck would have it, Sharon’s flight was over booked and through taking the option to be bumped till the next day, Sharon was rewarded with another free return trip back to Dubai from Australia.  And so we were blessed with her visiting us for a second time. As did Mark availing himself to partake in further socializing during her stay.  Fate would have it that they would dance the night away and thus enter the washing machine dancing under the influence and our exit to leave them at it on the dance floor.

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The rest is what makes for a fairy tale story – they fall in love; she returns to Australia; he follows her out; they grow their love for each other; he proposes; she accepts; they wed; and now he being married into the family.  Upset the step-sister and we smash his knee caps!

Who could not possibly live happily ever after, with purpose, substance and meaning?

Naturally, Shaz and Hoag’s are more than just face book friends.  Their kinship has contributed to the characters we have become.  And it was also evident that they had an influential presence through the conversations had with other wedding attendees.

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The bonus of Mr and Mrs Hogan – now having the addition of a nephew by marriage in Mark’s son.

Welcome to the family Jake, we are now your Auntie Claire and Uncle Brent.

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