Ki”WE” Conversations – The Browns

Our FB friends – Jan, Pete, Hayden, Gareth, Stephanie

Jan was married to a Steve Brown.  Claire was married to a Steve Brown before me.  Jan’s Steve had great pleasure in telling me that he had had Claire before me also.  Except he hadn’t – in the true sense!

What made this friendship unique and special was that the Brown’s stayed neutral during my separation to my first wife.  They did not pick sides.  And as they got to know BClaire as a person, they too embraced the new situation.

The friendship originated when our kids attended pre-school kindergarten through to sharing in camp adventures.  Me with two wives in a sense!

Sadly, Steve got sick.  His passing was tough given his friendship support during a period of marital change.  And the word’s “I had Big Claire before you” have not rung out in a long time.

But as we know it, no matter the hardship of losing someone dearly, life goes on.

KC10 - Jan Pete Hayden Gareth Stephanie

Visiting the Browns on a number of occasions has provided us many an opportunity to get to know Pete – Jan’s new partner.  According to Jan, Pete is great with his hands to have handy around the place and we often spend time saluting his handy work over a glass of red.  Their home is always our base when we visit Brisbane, Australia with our most recent visit to attend a wedding up the coast.

They recently started a rehab and mobility wholesale business specializing in old people’s accessories – wheel chairs, bed pans, electric scooters, old folk diapers and the like.  Quite ironic given their age being only a decade away from probably starting to use some of the stuff they sell themselves!

And with all visits to them, it’s also a time to connect with the tribe again – Hayden, Gareth and Stephanie.  These kids are now young adults able to hold a conversation about life in general, in-between the odd ale or two.  Their outlooks have changed from being bullet proof and know it all’s, to more realistic about taking responsibility for their own actions if they want to be, have or do.

No matter what, Jan has stayed true to our friendship all these years.  Pete has partnered and picked up the meaning of the friendship.  And the kids have now become friends in their own right.

Face book will continue to put a face to each and every one of them, no matter what.

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