Ki”WE” Conversations – The Butlers

Our first FB friends visit, to the Butlers (Pete, Janine, McKenzie & Brook)

KC1-2The Butlers were folk we meet Christmas 2013 when they rocked up on our front door step to camp.  Typical of husband and wife teams when erecting canvas holiday homes, there isn’t one who leads and one who does what they are asked to do.  Or was there with one giving abuse and the other arguing!

Enter the Ruru’s to offer help with their multi-poled gazebo.  Introductory salutations were exchanged and before we knew it, our experience in childcare was soon put to good use with entertaining the children. Tandem bike rides, zombi tag and a treasure hunt.  Huh, it allowed us to be big kids again ourselves.

We also got to meet their wider circle of friends, the Williams and the Pawsons.  When all three families departed they left a void as our caravan permanence returned to open fields and no sound of children at play.  However, it was only another 358 sleeps before they rolled on back for their 2014 summer holiday.

This time, their canvas erections were well rehearsed and hugs all round re-kindled the friendship from the Christmas before.  The Barron’s were a new family whom joined the Butlers. During this time, I was recovering from my bike crash, so sharing an ale was restricted and therefore making new years eve 2014 a lights out for me before the chime of auld lang syne.

201214 CB4 - Clavicle break xrayBut in the traditional Ru fashion, I slung a borat suit at the party goers before bidding goodnight with jeers of ‘ooh yuck’ and ‘you won’t get me wearing that’ statements.  It was some un-godly hour of the new 2015 year that laughter and cheering echoed, waking me up.  As I rolled over to drift off back to sleep with a grin, someone had plucked up the courage to put the borat suit on and go running throughout the camp.

The reality was – two had, one sharing the suit after the other!

The grins turned to grimaces once the sobering up arrived with the hunting down of any photographic evidence of silliness.  Hate to have mother in-laws see butt cheeks on face book if all you got was the behind view, let alone a front one!

However, when we visited the Butlers to kick off our visiting face book friends journey, the post-conversations since with banter and laughter has given the friendship a more genuine bond.  Complimented with a pleasant surprise to also catch up with the Pawson’s, the William’s and the Barron’s.

KC1-3Sometimes people enter our lives because they just do.  It’s hard to imagine what life would have been like without the initial abuse and arguing going on across the road from two parents trying to erect a gazebo.  The initial conversation, priceless!


Thank you Butlers for kicking off the visits.

Mr Butler and Mr Pawson, the borat suit has been washed and folded ready for next time.

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