Ki”WE” Conversations – The Tinnings

Our FB friends – the Tinnings (Mark, Lisa, Nick & Catherine)

KC2-3We first met the Tinnings at a party through other parents of children we cared for.  Since then, we have pressed noses (hongi) with them more times than we can remember.  And they entrusted us to care for Catherine during our Outaskool (primary aged childcare) ownership.

Mark’s nickname is Tin which was very appropriate at a time of our business expansion; he worked for a roof manufacturing company.  When we had a neighbour opposite a property we purchased organise a community rally against us opening our second Outaskool site, we had to go through a council process that nearly bankrupted us!  But we won and could open, with conditions.

We had to construct a new fence facing the street and enter Tin who offered us roof off-cuts at the right length. It didn’t matter that they were multi-coloured on one side and neutral on the other … except we made a decision to keep the neutral facing in and all the multi-colours facing out.  Tin and some other close friends pitched in to construct it and it certainly got the neighbour excited, not!

Today, Tin’s tin multi-coloured fence still stands as an iconic community land-Mark.

Outaskoo2 RedwoodAnd then there is Lisa, the other half who gives more than she takes at many things she engages in.  We were once at a barbeque at the Tinning’s house – everything was going well until I got into a heated discussion with their neighbour who worked for a Government Department.  Wasn’t long before Lisa gave me my marching orders to leave … which had Tin looking sideways! And it didn’t take too long before BClaire was right behind me!  Had never been kicked out of a party before … and haven’t since!

KC2-4Iconic friendships are about the gives and the takes.  Or in our case, a friendship abridged by the hongi.

As long as we all have our noses.

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