Making speaking come to life through illustration visualisation.


What’s scribing?

Scribing (or graphic facilitation) is the visual communication of the spoken word.

It’s a fun and engaging way to document a live event by means of illustration.

Through careful and focused listening, scribing captures your information/story and translates it into summary visuals, using wit and humour.

It connects people to retain subject matter to improve their memory of the event.

The illustrated output may be photographed, printed, emailed and shared online, extending your event’s impact to new audiences.  Photos of scribing are often among the top social media posts at major events.

Let illustration aid your conference, meeting or event to make it engaging, memorable and shared.

And as a freelance illustrator, Brent is engaged to create images for books, magazines, commercial projects and private commissions.

Brent welcomes opportunities to converse about capturing your event or publication illustrations.  Just simply complete and send the form below for Brent to get in touch.