Mobile coverage got lost out to sea, three days before we arrived at Milford Sound.

The emergency call from Waikawa Bay Marina was to communicate to Max that his son had been admitted to hospital a couple of days before and after tests, his son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Max’s son is 40 years of age, married with two young children.

Jeez, what I believed to be the hardest test of my resolve evaporated, just like that.

It was nothing by comparison to resolves going to be tested going forward for Max.

Life is SimpleIt hit home that life is simple – we are born.  We live.  We die.

It hit home the importance that we need to get our life design into a position whereby impromptu living experience opportunities are able to be taken when they present themselves.

It hit home the importance that we do get placed into situations beyond our doing to lose the ability to change the course of action for an immediate better?

It hit home the importance to embrace what we do have control of.

It hit home the importance of having a life that flashes by collecting ‘EXPERIENCES’ with more purpose, substance and meaning

It hit home that the calling out by the voice from the dark proved to us that if a message needed to get through, it could.

Tasman Sea SunsetI am so grateful to Max for reiterating that life is simple; for the opportunity he presented; for the testing of my resolve; that I do have certain controls over my life; and that the yachting experience has added purpose, substance and meaning.



In conclusion of the ‘Resolve’ blog posts …

On the 6th April, we travel to Milford Sound to bring Max’s yacht home to Christchurch.

One thought on “RESOLVE: THE HOME RUN HIT – LIFE IS SIMPLE (Part Four)

  1. Wow. Sometimes it’s sad that it takes something bad to happen before you realise you’re taking life for granted. Time to raid the Experience Money Pot and plan a trip…

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