50 Things To Do ListItem 1 – Dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant and send back the meal.

This was the first item of 50 on a compiled list originating from ’50 Things To Do Once In A Lifetime’ pack of cards except that we changed it to be ’50 Things To Do Once In 3 Years.’ (You can find the complete list under T.I.M.E. Challenge)

Points were allocated to each item dependent on the difficulty of the task, for example:

Item 1 – Dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant and send back the meal = 3 points

DSC09808Item 12 – Ride the Trans-Alpine train = 2 points

Item 17 – Have your portrait painted = 1 points

Item 23 – Learn a musical instrument = 4 points

Item 34 – Swim with the dolphin= 2 points.

Daughter Claire was given a 12 point starting handicap because she was still at Secondary School where as son Cameron, wife Claire and I were in the work force and our handicap was nil.

Item17 180412 Have Your Portrait PaintedTo add motivation to the challenge, a $10,000 monetary incentive was offered to Cameron and daughter Claire. Whoever out of them both scored the highest points individually when totalled would win the $10K.  However, should wife Claire or I score more, the monetary reward would be zero.

You could say that there were two goals with the same tasks but with different action plans.

The start of the challenge commenced on the 6th February 2011 (New Zealand’s Waitangi Day – a day to commemorate the signing of a treaty between the Maori and British Sovereignty) and the time frame for ticking off as many as a challenger could was three years later.  Therefore, the journey for us finished on Waitangi Day 2014 – the 6th February passed this month.

We gathered together on this day to bring our evidence to the table to see who had scored the highest points.  Was Cameron or daughter Claire going to be $10,000 the better?  Or did wife Claire or Brent score enough to keep the incentive offered?

A week out from the 6th February, I went to tick off item number 31 Take a Ferrari for a test drive.  The sales person did not give me confidence when he mentioned how a young woman with exactly the same list had been in to test drive one too – daughter Claire was certainly pushing the barrow to the bank!  What was even worse was the sales person asking me to pass on his salutations to her just as I was leaving and using her first name at that!

DSC09807As stories were shared, banter given and debate ensured niggling over a point here or a point there – everyone agreed that we were each winners by having ticked off one item.  Whatever we did beyond that was a bonus and that the list will be a topic of conversations amongst us in years going forward

So, who ticked off the most experiences to score the greater points when totalled?

Daughter Claire = 50 points; son Cameron = 7 (“did it properly well earned points” as quoted by Cameron) points; wife Claire 38 points; and Brent, 60 points.

Waitangi Day 2014 – a day to commemorate the end of one hell of a journey!


  1. I see number 51 was added down the bottom as well. Did you eat the Michelin meal and just not send it back…? Great list though. Can’t wait to do the same with Ollie…

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