There is something about venturing off on your own, with nothing but the bare necessaties.
The simplicity, independence and freedom.


It was when my wife Claire and I walked 360+km from Istanbul to Gallipoli in Turkey (April 2011) that we started an intentional shift to downsize our footprint, possessions and consumption to take up smarter habits to live a more simplistic lifestyle.

Living with less has provided us with more freedom to pursue more of what matters most, with more meaning and more substance.  Most importantly, it has allowed us to adventure travel a heap more whilst the bodies still can.

And before we truly do lose our marbles!

Cycling 7,500 kms by tandem across Canada from the West Coast to the East Coast, is an example of one adventure travel we did during 2016.

But our adventure travel experiences haven’t needed to be that massive neither.

They’ve been micro-adventure ones like sleeping under the stars on a hill-side in our back yard to star gaze and watch the sun come up.

Might read a little ‘naffy’ however, it’s a sense of enticed ‘happiness’ that we believe one can enjoy so as to escape the mundane clutter of suburbia and daily life.  They are, in most instances when reflecting, the experiences that end up being more memorable.

Our lives have been transformed significantly for the better.   We have become nourished and enriched.  From both simplistic living and travel.  Whether audacious or micro.

It’s the core behind our travel chronicles blog  The Rurus – Escape • Explore • Enjoy • Exist

To share lessons taken and to hopefully inspire you to also be reminded to pursue more of what matters most.  For more meaningful happiness.  Whatever that adventure may be.

While your body still can.

And/or before you too start losing your marbles!

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